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Uncle Barb's

I am a gay person before I’m anything else. I’m a gay person before I’m a white person, before I’m a Jew, before I’m a writer, before I’m American, anything.

-Larry Kramer-

I am a woman before I'm anything else.

-Uncle Barb-


Archive - 2011

December 21st

Fair Game

Fair Game

Some films carry history into the future with an accuracy not available in tele - journalism. This is one of those films.

December 15th

Tamara Drewes

Stephen Frears

Do you need a romcom that won't bore you to sleep? Stephen Frears provides the perfect little gem.

December 2nd


Mike Mills wrote a brilliant film script. He should have let someone else direct it.

November 24th

Queer Lit in 2011

Band of Thebes provides some of my favorite queer book commentary. In the article linked here, he discusses the "handful" of queer letters included in recent nominations. That handful includes some mediocre representation, i.e. Michael Cunningham's Nightfall. The Room by Emma Donoghue received the most attention. This book sat on me like a fat man full of contrivance.

November 13th

Music, All Genres

Jean Pierre Rampal

A List in Progress

Topp Twins Untouchable Girls

Topp Twins 2011

It is truly amazing how authentic, open people can change the world.

November 7th

Kate Millett by Alice Neel

Did you know that you can retrieve archival Time covers?

October 26th

Ventura Pons

Ventura Pons is alive and well and actively making films, although that is hard to verify if you live in the US. 

October 15th

Falling in love with the movies, a list

Film as art reflects life with subtle clarity and effective resonance. The following films moved me in that way.

Lauren Bacall

Captivating Lauren Bacall won my heart as a teenager.