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I was under medication when I made the decision to burn the tapes.

-Richard Nixon-



February 21st, 2012

The Desert of Forbidden Art

The Desert of Forbidden Art

The story of Igor Stavisky, art hero,

and extraordinary human being, is engaging, epic and a treasure of trove of wonderful art.

February 18th

U B O'Gleek

Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester

GLEE revives the variety show

with music, performance, and comedy expanded into a linear story.

February 12th

The Tempest

The Tempest

Julie Taymor, I love you but.... oyyoyyoy....

The Tempest while brilliantly cast and performed was a mess of a film.

February 4th

Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

by Suzanne Collins

Survival fiction has always entranced me from The Boxcar Children to My Side of the Mountain to Alas Babylon,

January 15th

The Artist

Guy Maddin's Dracula

Ho Hum

Don't replicate, take it somewhere new.
Here's a list.

January 14th

Red Hot Mamma

Red Hot Mamma

The Brox Sisters

Listen to this great recording from Library of Congress

January 6th

The Help

The Help

A nice ensemble piece that was fairly true to the book, The Help has made the short list for Academy Awards. Truthfully it is probably not Oscar material, but

January 2nd

Perfect Peace

Daniel Black: Perfect Peace

At times I could feel Black's river Jordan rushing through my own soul, the power and subtlety of his words stirring my own inner questions.

December 21st, 2011

Fair Game

Fair Game

Some films carry history into the future with an accuracy not available in tele - journalism. This is one of those films.

December 15th

Tamara Drewes

Stephen Frears

Do you need a romcom that won't bore you to sleep? Stephen Frears provides the perfect little gem.