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There are only two mantras,
yum and yuck, mine is yum.

-Tom Robbins-



January 13th, 2011

Sister Souljah's The Coldest Winter

The copy I checked out of the library was labeled YA. The sexual content is X.

I thought about myself at 13 years old, a voracious reader. I would have been thrilled. Finally, the real deal, unashamed. Had a moment of pleasure imagining a young reader discovering this book.

Chlotrudis Top 100 Films

Here is the full list for The Chlotrudis Society’s Top 100 Films of the Decade(ish):

1. In the Mood for Love*
2. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days
3. The Lives of Others*
4. Caché
5. Let the Right One In

January 11th

Shergold's Clapham Junction

British Director Adrain Shergold has proven himself to be one of the best of our times. His credits include Second Coming, Dirty Filthy Love and Pierrepoint. Add Clapham Junction to his list of outstanding films.

Complex and messy, as my friend Philip says, this film never strains to make a point. Instead, the plot flows in a swirl of hard truths; reality captured in all its ambiguity.

January 10th

Jeunet's MICMACS

Brilliant, fantastical, rich and alive.

Micmacs' satire and irony shine through even with the language barrier, which I so regretted, sure that the nuance of language was every bit as smart as the visuals.

All Families Are Psychotic

Strangely sweet and uplifting, but mostly crazy... crazy enough to be real.

Douglas Coupland is a masterful writer. His descriptions of Florida filled me with sardonic hilarity. I will definitely visit his other works. (little LGBTQ content, peripheral character only)

January 9th

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The gratuitous sex ruined what might have been a solid, plausible mystery.

Take out the sex and violence, put in some character building and maybe then you'd have something good like Prime Suspect or Wire in the Blood.

Best Films of the Decade (2001-2010)


As I customize this blog, I will add links to my reviews that span  the years 2002 -2007. You will also see a link to Mid-Century Charlie who inspired me to get on with my comments on books, film and all the Queer Arts.  Maven and admirer of Queer Arts, I follow Band of Thebes and Mid-Century Charlie on a daily basis through RSS Feed and email.