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there’s only art and lies.

-Jeanette Winterson-


Metro Weekly's 25 Gay Films Everyone Must See

25 Gay Films Everyone Must See plus a sequel

I love lists and these are good ones. The sequel list includes a film I've not seen Love of Siam; I will see it now.

I thought it ironic that they gave John Grayson's films Zero Patience and Lilies one slot. Grayson is in a category all of his own, rivalled only by the likes of Almodovar and Ozpetek, so one slot for two films seems stingy. All of his films except Proteus should be on the list of must sees.

The absence of films by Ferzan Ozpetek (Ignorant Fairies and Steam Bath) and Ventura Pons (Beloved Friend, Caresses) from the list was unfortunate. Other films that should be included are: Paris Was A Woman; Brother to Brother, Entre Nous, Watermelon Woman and I could add many more.

Best of lists are usually lacking and their omissions are pardoned. MetroWeekly's list only included one that made me cringe: Noah's Arc Jumping the Broom. Seriously guys?

Coup de foudre (Entre nous). 1983. France. Written and directed by Diane Kurys. With Isabelle Huppert, Miou-Miou.



Love this list(and the sequel). It gets a big E for effort. It gets people thinking about some quality gay cinema, which I love. Agree with you that Noah's Arc movie is ridiculous, but other choices are excellent, such as... Beautiful Thing Ma Vie en Rose Maurice Times of Harvey Milk Walk on Water Adventures of Priscilla... Angels in America Bent Go Fish Hedwig Law of Desire Priest Victor/Victoria And right on for your comments on Greyson, Ozpetek, and Pons. Especially Ozpetek and Pons, why are they so forgotten? I'd add: Chutney Popcorn Watermelon Woman Paris was a Woman The Bubble Blue Citrus Hearts Brother to Brother Come Undone and of course Metrosexuality, though not an actual film, the DVD is marketed as one.

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