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Uncle Barb's

"Like any artist without an art form, she became dangerous"

- Toni Morrison (Sula) -


Bath Reflections

In a candle-lit bath, smoking and examining the bruise on my shin from my klutzyness with the snowblower, the bath scene in Klute came to me and then a flood of memory images of Jane Fonda on film.

Sneaking into Barbarella was one of the highlights of my high school years. A woman who could blow up an orgasmatron, I was hooked.  Barbarella was sequentially followed by They Shoot Horse Don't They, which bored me; and then Klute which floored me (in a good way).

Julia, Coming Home, The China Syndrome and 9 to 5 sealed my love for Jane Fonda. She not only has good politics, she is a first class actor. Then imagine my delight in this past decade when I discovered Walk on the Wild Side with Barbara Stanwyck and Jane Fonda circa 1962. Stanwyck as a lesbian dominatrix and Fonda as smart trash with a soundtrack by Elmer Bernstein to light the match.

Jane Fonda I love you. Thanks for living on the cutting edge.


Ha! Last year Jen and I did an at home Jane Fonda retrospective. We watched all of the films you listed except for Walk on the Wild Side (which now is in my Netflix queue). Several years ago Jane was sitting 3 rows in front of me in a NYC performance of The Little Dog Laughed (excellent play, btw). I could hear her throaty laugh throughout the evening. I too love her.

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