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Uncle Barb's

There’s no such thing as autobiography,
there’s only art and lies.

-Jeanette Winterson-


The Artist

Guy Maddin's Dracula

Ho Hum
Don't replicate, take it somewhere new.

Here's a list of modern films that forego dialogue but achieve nuanced meaning:

Tuvalu is one of my all time favorite films, so I didn't have to think hard to come up with comparison's to The Artist. Tuvalu is an amazing film by Veit Helmer and Michaela Beck. It is funny, smart, inventive, romantic, delightful. Denis Lavant, who you have also seen in Beau Travail and A Very Long Engagement, is brilliant.

In contrast, The Artist is all style.

GUY MADDIN Films like Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary which is masterful. Also his many short films without dialogue, dazzle and create dreamlike environments where weird stuff happens.

In contrast, you can predict every move of The Artist.

And that music. Oy Yey it gave me such a headache.

Films without dialogue such as Latcho Drom or Baraka let music tell the story.

Nope. I didn't like The Artist. I didn't finish watching The Artist.

It seemed like a gimmick to package the same old stuff.







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