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August: Osage County

Meryl Streep August: Osage County

Tracy Letts' play has all the elements of a Tennesse Williams work and it has been artfully translated to film. Partly it works because of the outstanding performances by the whole cast. Streep's tour de force performance seals her place in the ranks of Grand Dames, although I don't think a poor performance could knock her off those heights anyway. Julia Roberts delivers her best ever, Cumberbatch was mesmerizing and Chris Cooper just blew me the fuck away. Definitely among the finalists on my list for Best Picture. I'm giving it 5 stars.

Promos for the film refer to it as a "hilarious, dark comedy", well don't be fooled. Yes, you will laugh, but this is not a comedy nor is it hilarious. Ironic, yes; sardonic, yes; hilarious, no.


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