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It's never a "free speech" issue. It's usually a "these are the consequences of your freedom to speak" issue.

-Kelly Oxford (twitter)-


Fabulous! The Story of Gay Cinema (2006)


The synthesis of gay culture has been in part, captured, and in part, designed by filmmakers. As gays became more visible, filmmakers chose where to point the camera. This in turn influenced the definition of what it means to be gay. Fabulous! The Story of Gay Cinema (2006) seamlessly stitches together interviews with the movers and shakers of modern queer film. Todd Haynes, Rose Troche, Gus Van Sant, Christine Vachon, John Waters, B. Ruby Rich and Billy Porter, to name just a few, take us on a tour of queer film and in doing so, through our own history. It is exciting to witness this video conversation about gay film and culture through the perspective of these historians.


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