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First woman says "What is the point of Mulholland Drive?" Second woman replies,"Lesbians should make their own films." -


Gay Directors, Gay Films?

Pedro Almodóvar, Terence Davies, Todd Haynes, Gus Van Sant, John Waters
by Emanuel Levy

Ho Hum
Been there, done that, on the design team for the tshirt.

Every director on this list is worthy of accolades and they have received them. Each has contributed to queer cinema and the reflection of queer lives in their own way.  Gay culture can contain all these points of view and guess what, directors have work to do that is not politically, psychologically or culturally queer centered.

Exploration of Gay Directors would be well served by expanding this list i.e. Ventura Pons, Greg Araki, John Greyson, Eytan Fox and even though I don't like his films, Todd Verow.

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