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- Sarah Waters -


The Guard

Brendon Gleeson The Guard (Garda)

Brendan Gleeson was absolutely hilarious as the detached and crudely cynical hero cop Sgt. Gerry Boyle. Don Cheadle's role as FBI Agent Wendell Everett was short on dialogue, but Cheadle managed to say a whole lot more with body language and facial expressions. Puzzlement, anger, irritation and care crossed his face without exaggeration, yet it spoke loud and clear and caused me to hoot out loud several times. The cast included Liam Cunningham and Mark Strong; and in all regards was a fine lot of actors.

The Guard is profane, rude and on the surface racist, sexist and homophobic, but the absurdity of those isms is the real point. Sgt. Boyle explains away his prejudice with "I'm Irish and racism is part of our culture." Truthfully, Sgt. Boyle's proclamations of prejudice are surgically swift instruments to cut to the chase. Here is what I assume about you, now tell me who you are. Gleeson was fucking brilliant. The exploration of stereotype, prejudice and assumptions could have devolved, but Gleeson gave a masterful comedic performance that made you love the guy.

Rated The Guard 5*s on Netflix, but truthfully 4.5 because it did cross the line of good taste. My personal preference would be an audience with an intellect to discern the huge statements this film was making about prejudice and stereotype. The h8ters out there could miss the not so subtle, subtleties.


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