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Uncle Barb's

"I wanted to invent myself as a fictional character. And I did,
and it has caused a great deal of confusion."

- Jeanette Winterson -



As I customize this blog, I will add links to my reviews that span  the years 2002 -2007. You will also see a link to Mid-Century Charlie who inspired me to get on with my comments on books, film and all the Queer Arts.  Maven and admirer of Queer Arts, I follow Band of Thebes and Mid-Century Charlie on a daily basis through RSS Feed and email.

My knowledge has been gleaned over years as a small business person, first as a bookstore proprietor and then running a video shop. Credits also include feature articles in local publications, as well as a feature column in InsideOut in the Hudson Valley.

An archivist by nature, this blog is my kind of fun.


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