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Philomena starring Judi Dench

Anyone who has followed my reviews over the years, knows well my disdain for the Oscars and the small relevancy they have to anything but the box office. That said, I have a few opinions.

I love the way this is presented: The Oscar Nominees

I have to see Nebraska, but usually don't like Payne, so....
They will probably choose American Hustle, but Philomena is a better film.
12 Years A Slave is difficult film, hard to watch, profound but necessary, really almost a historical document.
I'm just not sure we needed the visuals. The conversation it has provoked is fascinating and the honesty welcome to the public dialogue.
Dallas Buyers Club had its merits.
* August: Osage County has all the punch of a classic

Best Actor:
Again, need to see Dern in Nebraska
*Tie between McConaughey and Ejiofor

Best Actress;
My favorite category
I have to eliminate Bullock, not for her performance but for the crappy movie.
*Judi Dench absolutely captivated me in Philomena. I would most like Dame Judith to win.
Amy Adams was the reason American Hustle held together and worked. Everyone else was just quirky.
Meryl Streep, as my very insightful daughter said, 'was better than her best'. Brilliant.
Cate Blanchett deserves an award for turning a misogynistic piece of shit script into a character study.
Supporting Actor:
Michael Fassbender was incredible, but if the African American actors do not win, I will find it repulsive for Fassbender to get the nod.
*I loved Jared Leto and would be happy for him to receive the award.

Supporting Actress:
Need to see Nebraska, but right now I think they all deserve it.
Sally Hawkins was marvelous and funny and real as the sister in Blue Jasmine.
Jennifer Lawrence was her usual magical self, but maybe the least deserving on this list.
*Lupita Nyong'o may have PTSD from her role in 12 Years, I hope she gets the award.
Julia Roberts has never been better, she even kinda disappeared into character.

The Great Beauty will receive Best Foreign Film because it is the only one getting any press.

I will update when I see Nebraska


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