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Uncle Barb's

"Life was cruel and hilarious
all at once."

- Sandra Cisneros -


Perfect Peace

Daniel Black: Perfect Peace

At times I could feel Black's river Jordan rushing through my own soul, the power and subtlety of his words stirring my own inner questions.

Daniel Black's Perfect Peace is a marvelous work exploring relationships between mother and child, family and community, the individual and nature. Perfect is born male to Emma Jean who has longed for a daughter, so she claims that her new baby is a girl.  Once the set up was complete, I became anxious about this tale, dreading that I was about to witness the beating of dead horse, but au contraire, Daniel Black delivers a relevatory, complex portrait of the Peace family in the world. So many levels of conversation that ultimately arrive at a mature and satisfactory ending. 

The seven brothers, Gus and Emma Jean, neighbors and friends are fully realized and come to life in Swamp Creek, Arkansas. This book would translate wonderfully to film. I'm casting it in my imagination now and have already lined up a brilliant core. I hope filmmakers pay attention and bring this wonderful novel to the screen.


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