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Uncle Barb's

I was told I had an over abundance of original sin.

-Susan Sarandon-


The Runaways

Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and the cast were excellent wild ones. The presumption that girl/girl love is a non-issue was somehow reassuring.

Didn't like the music then, so I certainly didn't love it now. Wish the focus had been on Joan Jett and her triumph as a legend instead of Cherie Currie (Cherry Bomb) and her defeat by drugs. The film's point of view makes Joan secondary to tragedy, instead of filming the heroic achievement of Jett in rock n roll. Wrong girl in the picture. While CB is destroying her life and her luck to be included in this amazing band, Jett was doing something. Don't know what it was from this film. 3.5 stars (good actors, bad script)


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