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Uncle Barb's

There’s no such thing as autobiography,
there’s only art and lies.

-Jeanette Winterson-


The Secrets

A finely acted, photographed and composed film that made me crazy with anger. I couldn't watch it sitting down. Instead I paced in and out, peeking and following the plot, but so incensed with the modern day oppression of women that I couldn't watch it directly. A serious and devout young woman asks to go to seminary before she enters her arranged marriage. Another more liberal Jewish woman is sent to seminary by her family. They bond and fall in love and even have one night of love making. Then the devout young woman stands up to tradition and begins to make a life for herself. The other accepts a marriage proposal from an understanding Klezmer musician. The film ends at their wedding. There is also a strongly developed sub plot in which the young women become involved with a woman released from prison because she is dying of cancer. Together they all explore faith, forgiveness and redemption.  The religious premise of the film felt melodramatic, whether religion just brings that out in me or the film was overwrought. The women were beautiful and the cinematography was excellent, so I'm just going to forego rating this film, because religion makes me crazy with anger.


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