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"Life was cruel and hilarious
all at once."

- Sandra Cisneros -


Sleepless Nights

Elizabeth Hardwick

When Sigrid Nunez' book Siempre Susan was recommended by a voice (thank you Tree) who has my attention, I quickly checked it out from the library. A slim volume with a big picture of Susan Sontag and the literary world of NYC in the 60s, Nunez' bio of Sontag is a bit snarky, but enjoyable nonetheless. The precious gem I gleaned from the book was that Elizabeth Hardwick was Sontag's favorite writer. Elizabeth Who? Why had I never heard of her? Once again off to the library where I found Sleepless Nights.

Crazy and brilliant Susan Sontag is right once again, Elizabeth Hardwick swims in the same pool as Virginia Wolfe, Jeanette Winterson and Toni Morrison. "One winter she wore a great lynx coat, and in it she moved, menacing and handsome as a Cossack, pacing about in the trap of her vitality."

All I had to do to find the above quote was open the book. Hardwick writes poetic prose and creates worlds in just one sentence. I am totally in love and reading slowly.


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