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"Oh, you exquisite little tart!"

- Sarah Waters -


Tamara Drewes

Stephen Frears

The guidelines I have set for myself as to the nature of the films I watch, (nothing sad, nothing depressing), have created a desperation in my search for feel good films. When I came across Tamara Drewes directed by Stephen Frears, I popped it into my queue and moved it to the top, and I was not disappointed.

Beautiful Launderette, Sammy and Rosie Get Laid, Prick Up Your Ears, Dirty Pretty Things, Mrs. Henderson Presents are all directed by Stephen Frears who instills heart into a film. He is pretty amazing in painting emotion onto film. The Queen is a brilliant example, Frears (and Helen Mirren) evoke compassion and empathy from the audience for the Queen of England who does not really lend herself to empathy and compassion.

Frears creates films that are small is the completeness of the picture, the attention and correlation of setting, time and place. Tamara Drewes is an exaggerated story that comes down to basic truths. It is amusing, visually gorgeous and feels like a bit of joking around with Stephen Frears.  


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