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"...then she turned head over heels three times, lazily enough to show off the crack in her bum."

- Angela Carter -


U B O'Gleek

Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester

For years I have complained about the lack of variety shows on television.

Seems to me that the last of the genre was the Muppet Show which is exemplary. GLEE revives the variety show with music, performance, and comedy expanded into a linear story.

Though it is not a secret, I am admitting in print that I am an avid GLEE fan. I delight in their performances and forgive their step beyond realism. Sue Sylvester is the most lovable villian ever on screen. The kids are just hot hot hot and so talented! Last night we saw The Spanish Teacher with Ricky Martin. His performances were sizzling and he and Santana (Naya Rivera) doing Gloria Esteban blew off the roof.

By choice my only source of television is Hulu or Netflix. Unlike most people I know, the television is never on in my house unless I am watching a dvd. I watch GLEE on Hulu and because of satelite connection bandwidth issues, I carefully choose what I download.

All this made me start thinking about the excellent television I have seen over the years. From National Geographic Specials to The L Word, television has provided hours of art on the tube. The white noise crap that dominates most of television time hurts my brain and I prefer silence. But when it is done right, it is a joy to behold. Thank you: M*A*S*H, SOAP, All in the Family, The Muppet Show, Star Trek, Queer as Folk, Jeopardy, Nurse Jackie, Six Feet Under, Sesame Street, The L Word and from Canada Slings and Arrows, from Britain The Norman Conquests and the many great documentaries and news programs. Wish the rest of television programming could make the grade.

My theatre loving partner is quite taken with SMASH. I'm looking forward to seeing it too, but truthfully I prefer season marathons above all other viewing vehicles, so I might wait. Singing, dancing and a bit of comedy...I'm so there.

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