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Uncle Barb's

"Life was cruel and hilarious
all at once."

- Sandra Cisneros -


Unconscious (Inconscientes)

This little gem of a film from Spain was the perfect remedy to the pile of crappy movies I've seen lately. Leonor Watling (Alma) made me laugh and laugh which is really sexy.  The leading man, Luis Tosar, was also outstanding and sexy in his own right.  The rich, vibrant settings and photography are beautiful to watch. The silent film mimicry worked very well and transitioned scene to scene with nary a bump. Unconscious had an Altman-esque quality to it with layered plot lines and pivotal actions. This would have been a big hit if it was made in Hollywood. Luckily they finally decided to release this 2004 film here in the USA after all these years. A solid 4*s with a bump to 4.5


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