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I was told I had an over abundance of original sin.

-Susan Sarandon-



The Desert of Forbidden Art

The Desert of Forbidden Art

The story of Igor Stavisky, art hero,

and extraordinary human being, is engaging, epic and a treasure of trove of wonderful art.

The Tempest

The Tempest

Julie Taymor, I love you but.... oyyoyyoy....

The Tempest while brilliantly cast and performed was a mess of a film.

Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

by Suzanne Collins

Survival fiction has always entranced me from The Boxcar Children to My Side of the Mountain to Alas Babylon,

The Artist

Guy Maddin's Dracula

Ho Hum

Don't replicate, take it somewhere new.
Here's a list.

The Help

The Help

A nice ensemble piece that was fairly true to the book, The Help has made the short list for Academy Awards. Truthfully it is probably not Oscar material, but

Fair Game

Fair Game

Some films carry history into the future with an accuracy not available in tele - journalism. This is one of those films.

Tamara Drewes

Stephen Frears

Do you need a romcom that won't bore you to sleep? Stephen Frears provides the perfect little gem.


Mike Mills wrote a brilliant film script. He should have let someone else direct it.

Topp Twins Untouchable Girls

Topp Twins 2011

It is truly amazing how authentic, open people can change the world.

Ventura Pons

Ventura Pons is alive and well and actively making films, although that is hard to verify if you live in the US. 


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