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I was told I had an over abundance of original sin.

-Susan Sarandon-



A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar

A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar

by Suzanne Joinson

A dual narrative of women traveling in remote territories and a modern day Londoner.

!Women Art Revolution

A lifetime of searching for women's work in our common culture has left me furious and disdainful of modern America. It is not much better now than it was in 1984 when on a road trip to Colorado I cursed and ranted at the radio because of the absence of women performers. On the way home from work yesterday, I did the same.

The Guard

Brendon Gleeson The Guard (Garda)

The Guard is profane, rude and on the surface racist, sexist and homophobic,

but the absurdity of those isms is the real point.

The Help

The Help

A nice ensemble piece that was fairly true to the book, The Help has made the short list for Academy Awards. Truthfully it is probably not Oscar material, but

Unconscious (Inconscientes)


This little gem of a film from Spain was the perfect remedy to the pile of crappy movies I've seen lately.

Every Day

Every Day

A solid indie film, Every Day succeeds in portraying ordinary life with the triumph and tragedy that lurks within Every Day.

It lingered like a profound dream and I was thinking about it again this morning.

Easy A

Olive and Rosemary  EASY A

Rosemary and Olive are a sumptuous comedic team. I loved this movie.

Smart, funny and just a little bit clunky, Easy A featured a fabulous cast with Patricia Clarkson (Rosemary), Emma Stone (Olive), Stanley Tucci (Dill) and Lisa Kudrow at her evilest best.
Patricia Clarkson's camp roles will always be my favorite beginning with the dominatrix in High Art

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