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There’s no such thing as autobiography,
there’s only art and lies.

-Jeanette Winterson-



Queer Lit in 2011

Band of Thebes provides some of my favorite queer book commentary. In the article linked here, he discusses the "handful" of queer letters included in recent nominations. That handful includes some mediocre representation, i.e. Michael Cunningham's Nightfall. The Room by Emma Donoghue received the most attention. This book sat on me like a fat man full of contrivance.

A Love to Keep

A Love to Keep

Never again should we suffer such abuse and oppression.

This made for TV import from Spain tells the story of a lesbian couple oppressed by societal mores and Franco's rule.


A simple story painted with rich and vibrant strokes.

Truthfully I love piano so much I would have watched the film for the music, as Sasha is a masterful pianist in love with the handsome rogue who is his piano teacher.

The Secrets

I couldn't watch it sitting down. Instead I paced in and out, peeking and following the plot, but so incensed with the modern day oppression of women that I couldn't watch it directly.

The Fish Child

The Fish Child

The complications in this script confuse and then disappoint.

The viewer is driven into a corner and then the same monster we saw last scene pops out. It becomes tedious.


What a train wreck.

Araki did Mysterious Skin which is a modern masterpiece. Then devolved to Smiley Face and then devolved even further in creating Kaboom. Hated it.

Pariah (Short)

Pariah by Dee Rees

Impeccable...a perfect film.

a film so fine and so rare that there are few comparisons


Undertow is magically brilliant.

From Peru comes a story so human and from the heart that I want to make it required viewing in every film class.

Bourbon Street Blues

Greg Herren

I am thoroughly enjoying this book.


Worse than Loving Annabelle and that is hard to achieve.

The only redemption might be the soft core porn ... if you are young.


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